Jenzabar Foundation


The Jenzabar Foundation provides grants to institutions of higher education and nonprofit organizations that support the development of student leaders and the promotion of community service through their missions; service and leadership that benefit the campus community their local community as well as global growth. We welcome grant proposals on an ongoing basis.

Children of Fallen Patriots

Children of Fallen Patriots provides college scholarships and educational counseling to military children who
 have lost a parent in the line of duty. By providing college scholarships and long-term educational counseling to these children, Children of Fallen Patriots honors the lives of those who have sacrificed themselves for our country, ensuring the success of those they loved.

China Care

The Jenzabar Foundation continued the philanthropic work of Jenzabar’s leadership in supporting China Care, a foundation with 35 student chapters at colleges and universities through the United States. The Jenzabar Foundation’s primary connection to China Care comes through the Harvard China Care group, which, with The Jenzabar Foundation’s assistance, has raised funds to open a healthcare facility within an existing orphanage in Baoji China. In 2008 The Jenzabar Foundation also contributed to an initiative to assist children from AID-affected families in China through its relationship with Harvard China Care.

Naropa Community Arts Studio (NCAS-I)

NCAS-I expands the boundaries of the Naropa University Community Art Studio from local to global. Rooted in the principle of collaboration and a belief in the innate wisdom, creativity, and interdependence of all, we, the art therapy graduate students and faculty, seek active engagement with social justice organizations around the world. We will use art therapy practices to help relieve suffering and maintain a vision of unity, as guests and learners in the communities we serve.

The Naropa Community Arts Studio received specific attention from the Jenzabar Foundation in 2012 for its service learning trip to Cambodia to aid and train survivors of sex trafficking. In May 2012, the group of art therapy graduate students and Naropa faculty member Sue Wallingford traveled to Cambodia to learn more about the ways art therapy can be integrated into providing shelter for girl survivors that have been victims of the sex trade. The trip is the culmination of dedicated effort to increase awareness for the mission of the Naropa Community Arts Studio and to raise funds to bring the team of Naropa Art Therapy students and faculty to Cambodia.