Jenzabar Foundation

The Jenzabar Foundation’s Executive Forum Series on Student Success

As part of our commitment to empowering students and helping them succeed, The Jenzabar Foundation has been organizing a series of regional Executive Forums on Student Success, discussing the many facets of student success with the goal of better understanding and serving our students. Over the past year, we have held these Innovations Forums in Boston, Cincinnati, Boca Raton, Kansas City, and Washington, D.C., and we look forward to staging more of these events in the future.

Our first few forums sought to identify key factors that impact success, and subsequent events have investigated these components more in-depth. Bringing together faculty, deans, provosts, presidents, VPs of Academic Affairs, Directors of Retention, and other administrators from all schools in the region in which the event is being held, each forum is a half-day meeting exploring various aspects of institutional approaches to promoting, tracking, and ensuring student success. The events consist of panels and presentations to help define “success” and delve into issues, solutions, best practices and winning strategies to guide student success. These forums are complimentary events which we are pleased to host all across the country.

We invite you to stay tuned, as we are working on more forums and conferences coming soon. To stay updated on what we’re doing, please join our email list. We hope to see you at the next Student Success Forum!

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