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Fantastic News and Huge Successes for 2012 Grant Recipient FACE AIDS

The Jenzabar Foundation is delighted to follow-up with one of our 2012 Student Leadership Award winners, FACE AIDS, and to share with you the wonderful accomplishments they have achieved since receiving their grant.

FACE AIDS, a student organization with college and high school chapters across the nation, is on a mission is to mobilize students to fight the global HIV/AIDS pandemic. Working toward health equity and social justice, FACE AIDS aims to provide socio-economic support and care to HIV-affected communities through raising funds and awareness, educating peers on campus, in local communities, and all over the United States and internationally.

We are proud to help empower the FACE AIDS chapters to realize their potential as young leaders taking action in the fight against AIDS. The Jenzabar Foundation’s Student Leadership Award grant set up a fund to provide FACE AIDS chapters with seed money for upcoming fundraisers and awareness events all over the country, as well as for the provision of additional support and care.

Together, the participating FACE AIDS chapters multiplied their Jenzabar grant of $10,000, more than doubling the funds in 2012-13 from $7,335 to a total of $15,886. Due to time constraints of the academic year, a few chapters were unable to execute their projects, so the remaining funds from the grant were distributed the following year, during which the participating chapters nearly tripled the $2,190 they spent by raising $6,514.29. FACE AIDS reported to us that half of the chapters who received a Jenzabar grant saw an increase of more than 100% in their annual fundraising for the year of 2012-13 as compared to the 2011-12 school year, and furthermore, of the chapters who received a Jenzabar grant, the average percent increase in total funds raised this school year was 348%. Congratulations on a successful year!

Case Studies of Success
FACE AIDS chapters expressed their gratitude for the grant having enabled their students to host high-impact events and fundraisers that otherwise could not have been planned due to the need for initial funding. At the Mills College chapter, students explained that funding for student organizations was very limited at their small school, and that their Dance Marathon was a huge success made possible by their grant, raising $1,100.

In addition to creating a successful platform to initiate entrepreneurship and increased fundraising potential among students, the grant helped students increase the professionalism of their events as well as the visibility and legitimacy of the chapters, successfully reaching out to students and educating them about HIV/AIDS. The Boston University and Northeastern University chapters both held Condom Couture fashion events, collaborating between groups and learning from each other. “The Jenzabar grant was greatly appreciated in helping us […] make the fundraiser as grand and educational as we had envisioned,” a BU student on the executive board wrote. The BU event won Boston University’s “Program of the Year” Award, generating articles in local Boston newspapers, while the Northeastern chapter invited judges from local LGBT and HIV organizations as well as Partners in Health to participate in the event.

Even though some chapters faced difficulties and obstacles in their projects, the students recounted how the grant enabled them to develop management and event planning skills and learn how to be flexible and maximize profit, strengthening their chapter and leading to a greater understanding of what works best on their campus. The students at St. Olaf told us, “The Jenzabar grant helped us stretch our dollar and plan an event that will be more successful and well-thought-out when it is executed…it gave our chapter greater capacity to plan a large fundraising event that will draw on and incorporate many new voices into the fight to end AIDS.”

The Jenzabar Foundation is honored to support this national movement of young leaders dedicated to building a more just world. FACE AIDS has recently announced that they will be joining forces with Partners in Health, and we wish them the best of luck and continued success in their efforts toward comprehensive health care in HIV-affected communities and social justice as they become the student arm of the PIH Engage Program.

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