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Exciting Updates from 2013 Grant Recipient Nourish International

With 60 chapters on campuses all across America, Nourish International is quickly expanding and growing, and has been reaching great heights since receiving the Jenzabar Foundation’s 2013 Student Leadership Award. We are excited to share with you the Nourish students’ tremendous progress in their work in social enterprise, responsible development, and leadership to create lasting change.

Nourish International focuses on community involvement and sustainability as their model to eradicate global poverty, serving as a platform for students to become leaders of social change through Ventures and Projects. Students are trained to develop and implement socially responsible business ventures on campus, raising both awareness and money for international projects. Through partnering with community-based organizations in impoverished areas, investing their profits into sustainable development projects, and traveling abroad to implement them, student members of Nourish International are making a lasting impact on extreme poverty in 28 countries and counting!

The Jenzabar Foundation was delighted to sponsor Nourish’s 2013-14 Venture Fund for student businesses and endeavors on campus. The Student Leadership Award grant of $5,000 was invested in venture support to select chapters with remarkable venture ideas. Together, the chapters at the Claremont Colleges, Emory University, Davidson College, Virginia Tech University, Vanderbilt University, and Ohio State University multiplied their grant by a factor of five, generating $25,003.18 by April 2014 for their poverty reduction projects!

The student groups’ ventures included operating cafés, making mock-tails at on-campus events, and selling customized hairbands. The Ohio State University chapter became one of Nourish’s highest earning chapters with their Fair Trade Jewelry sale venture, purchasing handmade jewelry from a grassroots organization in Uganda, and selling the jewelry on campus. With their grant funds, they were also able to purchase a vendor license to sell the product downtown, raising a total over $10,000! As an organization, Nourish International saw an overall profit increase of 56% from March 2013. We are thrilled to help empower these student leaders in their efforts to create sustainable approaches to end poverty.

A bright and busy future is ahead for Nourish International and its member students as they continue to grow this year, traveling abroad to complete more projects in various countries, and extending chapters to international campuses, the first of which will be McGill in Canada this coming Fall. With interest from schools in China, Mexico, and Liberia, Nourish is fostering a global community of students as agents of change, and we are proud of and inspired by our youth’s passion and success. Congratulations to Nourish International and all of its chapters, and our best wishes to the students as we look forward to hearing about the brilliant things they will accomplish in the future.

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